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Our Top 5 Ita- Bag essentials - CuteliKawaii

Our Top 5 Ita- Bag essentials

Jun 14, 2021


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In Japan, ita-bags are a popular piece of apparel among female anime and manga fans. The typical Ita-Bag can be a handbag, backpack or any other bag 
however it is only an ita-bag when the bag is covered in badges, buttons, dolls or figurines that align back to anime or manga themes. We have put together our top 5 Ita-bag essentials .


The bag

Ita-Bags can come in many forms, crossbody bag, handbag, or a backpack. Features of the Ita-bag that is most important is to ensure it has a clear window, this will allow full view of all the decorations, pins or dolls you have inside the bag.
Other important considerations is the size of the bag, making sure it has room for all the decorations but is also able to carry essential items you want such as phone, coin purse, pocket mirror, keys and makeup.
Ita-bags can come in canvas, plush or PVC style and many shapes including cat ears, hearts, stars, game box or round.
Ita-bag Small Window: Check out how Peachiebon decorated our cute Shoulder school bag for inspiration click here
Ita-Bag Large Window: Perfect for displaying chains, pins and dolls in a large window backpack.
Check out how sakura.hellokitty decorated our Pink and white kawaii backpack with her favourite pins. click here
All-in-one Shoulder/Back Pack: Cant decide on a shoulder bag or a backpack.
Our lovely kawaii shoulder bag gives you the option to switch between the two


Pins and Badges

Pins and badges are an absolute must have staple for any Ita-bag and the great part is you can decorate your ita-bag with any type of pin, they can be theme related or just a random selection of your favourite pins. When selecting pins or badges for the bag, ensure to take in consideration the size and also consider a pin board backing insert. Badges sit well on canvas bags.
Stuck for ideas on the theme for you? we recommend looking at what you love, are you a pastel kawaii fan, are you in to Sailormoon, perhaps you love all things Sanriocore, or are you in to a favourite manga series like Deathnote or The Seven Deadly Sins.
Where to buy pins? the great thing is you can search for any type of pin on the internet. We recommend Etsy for custom designed unique pins or big retailers such as Amazon have a huge selection of pins.


Keyrings and charms

It is important to not forget what can be added to the outside of the bag as well. Keyrings and charms can be added in to the inside of the bag or to hang from the outside of the bag and can be great to tie in with the overall theme.
Popular for the inside of the bag is a long chain with little pendants on the end that hook from onside of the bag to the other. 
The outside of the bag hang mini figures, pendants, fluffy pom poms, fluffy plushies or bows


Bag stuffing and fillers:

Ita-Bag fillers are a great way to add a bit of extra pop of color
 Take your Ita-bag to the next level and pack in some battery powered lights
Dolls and plushies:
Japanese anime and manga dolls are an incredibly popular item to include in an Ita-bag. Stuffing your favourite mini plushies or squishes inside the bag can look incredibly cute as well. 


DIY the Bag

One of the great things about an Ita-bag is the option to customize as much as you want. If you want to customize the bag and give it a true unique look that is designed by you. Head down to your local textile supplier and think about adding some extra touches to the bag..
Extra decorations could include lace lining on the inside of the bag. Adding delicate trimmings to the outside of the bag. Glue on some cute charms and jewels.

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