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CuteliStore is now CuteliKawaii - CuteliKawaii

CuteliStore is now CuteliKawaii

Mar 23, 2022


Cuteli Store

Cuteli.Store is now officially

We have rebranded to CuteliKawaii

New Name, Same Team

Why we rebranded:

Cutelistore started just over 1.5 years ago and it has grown so fast, all thanks to our amazing customers, supporters and followers. As our shop continues to grow, we decided it was time to prepare the brand for long term growth.

At this point, we have made the decision to rebrand to CuteliKawaii. We wanted a cute name to represent us but also the type products our customers love. Continuing on with "Cuteli" as our signature tag but also adding in Kawaii which its meaning is the culture of cuteness in Japan, which aligns to the type of products of customers love .

We are super excited for this new chapter for our little online store. And don't worry our url link will still continue to work and we still continue to own this brand, however you will be now automatically diverted to our new website link

Thank you all for your continued support!


Founder of CuteliKawaii

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